Old man’s war series


Since  few months I have discovered audiobooks. And I like them. It is just what I was looking for. I can listen to them while walking the dog, while commuting to work on train and buss and I can even listen tot hem while driving the car.

I have a 16GB Ipod nano and I got my first audiobooks via itunes. Itunes collaberates with audible.com for that. So I went to audible.com and saw that it would be nice to have a subscription on their site so I could get my books even cheaper.

Old man’s war

Perhaps I was just lucky but the first book I bought was Scalzi’s Old man’s war.  Old man’s war is the first of a series of 5 books (for the moment). It starts with Old man’s war then The Ghost brigades then the Last Colony and then Zoe’s tale. Yes that is 4 books because I don’t really know where to place the Sagan diaries in that list.

Old man’s war, Ghost brigades and The last colony can and should be read as a series. Zoe’s tale is the same book as The last colony but told from the perspective of a teenage girl. Zoe’s tale fits very well with this series. The Sagan diaries are a very different book and give you more insight into what Jane Sagan (one of the main characters) thinks. I would recommend listening or reading them in that order.

I liked all of them. They also contain the needed amount of humor and the story is a nice find.

I won’t summaries the books here since you can read enough about them on the audible site.

Old man’s war

The ghost brigades

The last colony

Zoe’s tale

The sagan diaries

John Scalzi

John Scalzi the author of this series is also worth following on twitter and his blog also contains some very good content. The big idea is where he asks authors to write about how they came to the idea of writing their books. And his most famous post is Being poor. A post you should certainly read. Here a little outtake.

Being poor is knowing exactly how much everything costs.

Being poor is getting angry at your kids for asking for all the crap they see on TV.

Being poor is having to keep buying $800 cars because they’re what you can afford, and then having the cars break down on you, because there’s not an $800 car in America that’s worth a damn.

Being poor is hoping the toothache goes away.


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